Aaron & Sandy – Niagara Falls, NY {Tim Shahady NJ Photography}

On a recent business trip to Buffalo, NY I finished my work day early and decided to take my camera to try and catch a few shots of the falls.  The day started overcast and dark and I thought that’d be a perfect day to take some shots.

As I approached the falls the sun came out and it became a very bright, hot, sunny day.  Not so great for the photos I wanted, but still a great day to explore an amazing place.

I was about to finish my visit and head out when I heard a couple trying to explain their situation to someone who didn’t speak English very well.  They were trying to get him to take a photo of a very special moment for them.

Aaron and Sandy had each been married before and came to Niagara Falls to have a personal commitment ceremony.  The plan was to throw their old wedding rings into the falls as a symbol of the end of the old and the beginning of their new life together.  I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

 Aaron and Sandy preparing for the toss.

The old rings, ready to fly.

Letting them fly!!!  (If you look above them you can see the rings)

The first kiss after they threw their old lives away.

The couple on starting their new life together.  I hope the faint rainbow behind them is an omen for a beautiful, colorful life together.

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Heather & Steve are married! {Tim Shahady Photography}

A little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the friends and family that came to celebrate these great people getting married.  A couple of great locations and a fun bridal party made for a wonderful night.

Click on the photos for a higher resolution version!

Happy Couple

Heather and Steve after the first look.

the men...and one lady

The groomsmen...and groomslady

the veil and the wind

a little breeze and a great veil.

Dad makes a speech

Dad makes a speech

the cake,the city,  the reflection

Reflections of Happiness

Thanks to http://www.redumbrellastudio.com for bringing me along on this great day.

Please head over to My Website http://www.timshahadyphotography.com to see more of my wedding work and many other things in the galleries.


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Lisa Loconte Head Shots – Images | Tim Shahady Photography

Lisa Loconte Head Shots – Images | Tim Shahady Photography.

Lisa is an aspiring actress and make-up artist.  If you need either, let her know!

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Liz & Patrick are Married {Tim Shahady Photography}

The City of Brotherly Love might as well be simply called The City of Love after Liz and Patrick’s big day.  I was working with Red Umbrella Photo on this great Philadelphia wedding.

The intimate wedding was truly a gathering of friends and family brought together to celebrate this beautiful love.

Thanks to Liz and Patrick for having us shoot your wedding.  It was a great night.

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Wedding Season {Tim Shahady Photography}

At the start of the 2011 wedding season I spent some time looking over my images from last year to build a gallery at http://www.timshahadyphotography.com .  As stressful as working a wedding can be, the stress is quickly overridden by the amazing joy of watching people at their best.  In love and thrilled to share their special day, weddings are the most fun you can have while working incredibly hard.


checking out the neighbors

It’s the big moments and the tiny expressions that make these days special.   I hope that when the couple sees the images I’ve taken they remember some great times and see some new things that they never did on their day.

Husband and wife


The loud cheers and the quiet moments and everything in between are what make this job amazing.


As I start this year’s season, I look forward to finding those moments and sharing them with the couples and their families.  I hope to make their day more fun and special by capturing these times for them.


Newly Married

Alone at Last

Thanks to my friend Val at http://www.redumbrellastudio.com for bringing me along to let me take these shots!


a moment

Happily ever after...

Please head over to My Website http://www.timshahadyphotography.com to see more of my wedding work and many other things in the galleries.


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Matt Patella – Drum Instructor {Tim Shahady Photography}

For many years I ran around with a set of drums in my car playing everywhere from tiny bars to pretty big places.  Even though I never achieved any large scale success as a drummer I’ve had the great luck of getting to meet and spend time with many of the greats, both famous and unknown.

Matt Patella is one of the greats that I have had the chance to spend time with.  He’s been a roommate, a teacher and a friend for a long time and it’s great to see that now he is starting to make some noise out in the world.

Matt and cymbals

Drum Instructor Matt Patella

Matt was a regular player in his younger days, playing in bars and clubs and even did a stint as a drummer in the Army band.

Matt in B&W

Now Matt spends his time teaching aspiring drummers how to take their talent to the next level.  He teaches in his studio in New Jersey and around the world on the web.

Learn more about Matt and his lessons at http://www.facebook.com/matt.patella

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NAMM Convention 2011

The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) convention is a free for all of new instruments, amazing performances and oddball culture.

Time Machine

This year at the show, I focused on the instruments and the performances.  The craziness of the LA metal scene wanna be folks were missed by me this year.

Signature Groove

While the freaks are pretty great photo subjects, I spent some quiet time looking at beautiful instruments.

Tape and DrumsPaiste also had a couple of great performances, one planned, one was impromptu.

Ndugu Chancler has been heard on too many hits to name.  “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” are just a couple of the amazing pieces of music he is on.

JR has been a hit maker for years; playing with Steve Winwood, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Lionel Ritchie and hundreds of other stars.   He and Ndugu closed the show with an amazing powerhouse performance.

After the dust settled on the NAMM convention, I was able to attend a performance by two of Brazil’s best drummers.  Eloy Casagrande and Aquiles Priester left everyone’s jaws dropped at the end of the night.

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