The Everymen – NJ Punk {Tim Shahady Photography}

Eight people, lots of personality and a great afternoon at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.  That is what I got when I accepted the job of photographing this amazing group.  Not only are there a lot of people, but even though they have different players playing different instruments at various shows, they still consider themselves one big happy family.


I met them through one of the drummers, yup…there are two, and we picked a date for the shoot.  It didn’t take long to understand that this wasn’t going to be the “serious face” band shoot.  These guys (and girl) wanted to have fun while we shot.

In a recent “Top 10 Albums” listing by The Aquarian Magazine, The Everymen landed at #4, beating out Mumford and Sons and The Gaslight Anthem, among others.  This is a band that will make you want to have a good time, drink a couple of beers and remember why live music is the best.

You can catch up with the band at

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