Drumageddon, Times Square – Charlie Z Takes Over NYC {Tim Shahady Photography}

When Charlie Z does something, he does it big! When he thought about starting a series of “one-take” videos to promote himself as a top notch musician in New York, the idea was to go big or go home. The first of the series was Drumageddon Brooklyn, a 4 story drum solo. Where can you go bigger than that? Times Square!
The Main Kit
Charlie asked that I show up at 5:00am and play the character “photographer”, so I did. I had my camera and some time between my “acting” parts, so I decided to take some photos. The shoot had three great drum sets, with Charlie playing the whole time: on drums, bike racks, street signs, models or whatever stood in his way.
The Small Kit
His diversity ranges from the Jazz side of things to the heaviest of metal and the sets he plays show that off.
Overhead View of the drums
The Rock Kit
Charlie playing
A man of many stripes
Charlie is a chameleon of drums and is prepping to take the world by storm.
The MohawkDrumageddon!
To add some extra fun, there was a cast. As I mentioned, there were a couple of photographers, some tourists, business people and other guests you will see in the video. Here is Charlie and his Angels!
Charlie's Angels
See more of Charlie’s videos at his YouTube Page
Charlie in Times Square
Charlie Z - NYC Session Drummer

Enjoy the video:

Charlie Plays Paiste Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Vic Firth Drumsticks & Evans Drumheads

Find out more about Charlie here!

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