Aaron & Sandy – Niagara Falls, NY {Tim Shahady NJ Photography}

On a recent business trip to Buffalo, NY I finished my work day early and decided to take my camera to try and catch a few shots of the falls.  The day started overcast and dark and I thought that’d be a perfect day to take some shots.

As I approached the falls the sun came out and it became a very bright, hot, sunny day.  Not so great for the photos I wanted, but still a great day to explore an amazing place.

I was about to finish my visit and head out when I heard a couple trying to explain their situation to someone who didn’t speak English very well.  They were trying to get him to take a photo of a very special moment for them.

Aaron and Sandy had each been married before and came to Niagara Falls to have a personal commitment ceremony.  The plan was to throw their old wedding rings into the falls as a symbol of the end of the old and the beginning of their new life together.  I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

 Aaron and Sandy preparing for the toss.

The old rings, ready to fly.

Letting them fly!!!  (If you look above them you can see the rings)

The first kiss after they threw their old lives away.

The couple on starting their new life together.  I hope the faint rainbow behind them is an omen for a beautiful, colorful life together.

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2 Responses to Aaron & Sandy – Niagara Falls, NY {Tim Shahady NJ Photography}

  1. Mary Vazquez says:

    Really love this story. Great shots!!!!

  2. laura slocum says:

    OMG, unbelievable COOL!! woo hoo! love this – and a great couple as well…..

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