Wedding Season {Tim Shahady Photography}

At the start of the 2011 wedding season I spent some time looking over my images from last year to build a gallery at .  As stressful as working a wedding can be, the stress is quickly overridden by the amazing joy of watching people at their best.  In love and thrilled to share their special day, weddings are the most fun you can have while working incredibly hard.


checking out the neighbors

It’s the big moments and the tiny expressions that make these days special.   I hope that when the couple sees the images I’ve taken they remember some great times and see some new things that they never did on their day.

Husband and wife


The loud cheers and the quiet moments and everything in between are what make this job amazing.


As I start this year’s season, I look forward to finding those moments and sharing them with the couples and their families.  I hope to make their day more fun and special by capturing these times for them.


Newly Married

Alone at Last

Thanks to my friend Val at for bringing me along to let me take these shots!


a moment

Happily ever after...

Please head over to My Website to see more of my wedding work and many other things in the galleries.


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