Matt Patella – Drum Instructor {Tim Shahady Photography}

For many years I ran around with a set of drums in my car playing everywhere from tiny bars to pretty big places.  Even though I never achieved any large scale success as a drummer I’ve had the great luck of getting to meet and spend time with many of the greats, both famous and unknown.

Matt Patella is one of the greats that I have had the chance to spend time with.  He’s been a roommate, a teacher and a friend for a long time and it’s great to see that now he is starting to make some noise out in the world.

Matt and cymbals

Drum Instructor Matt Patella

Matt was a regular player in his younger days, playing in bars and clubs and even did a stint as a drummer in the Army band.

Matt in B&W

Now Matt spends his time teaching aspiring drummers how to take their talent to the next level.  He teaches in his studio in New Jersey and around the world on the web.

Learn more about Matt and his lessons at

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7 Responses to Matt Patella – Drum Instructor {Tim Shahady Photography}

  1. matt Patella says:

    Need to say a big Thanks to a good person and good friend Mr Tim

  2. Lori Condarcure says:

    Mr Patella is a true Artist at work in his chosen gift. It has been a great benefit to
    me to have his time, teaching, and encouragment through his many teachings he offers through various means available. Rock on Matt! Lori Condarcure

  3. charles says:

    i am from jersy you know joe nevolo ? i studied with him in 70’s

  4. Stephen says:

    Love Matt and what he does online…Keep it up buddy!

    -Stephen T.

  5. Richard says:

    Great shots of a great drummer! Matt has been an inspiration with his drumming on FB. Keep on keeping on!!

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