Carly Porello – DVD Cover Shoot

Carly is an amazing woman that can seem to manage teaching, training, motherhood and being a wife with grace and ease.  When she asked if I would be interested in shooting some images for her website and new DVD series I jumped at the chance.

Here are a couple of the basic shots that were submitted for the cover.  I’m sure there will be some Photoshopping when we see the end result.

Carly in Vira II

The two new DVD’s are pretty exciting.  One for beginners or people with injuries and one for more advanced practitioners.

Carly in boat

Learn more about Carly at:

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One Response to Carly Porello – DVD Cover Shoot

  1. Chris Infusino says:

    Very cool man! Thanks for sharing. Gotta hire you to shoot some shots for me in the future…great work as always, really have an eye and a gift for this!!!

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