Three Minutes, Two Lights, One Legend {Tim Shahady Photography}

I was recently asked to take a few shots of legendary drummer, Gerry Brown, for an upcoming press release announcing his move to Paiste cymbals.  It is always thrilling for me to meet and spend a little time with these amazing drummers.  As any musician or artist can tell you, the key to getting the gig is to be good at your job and easy to work with.  Gerry is amazing at his job and warm human being.  Having performed and recorded with a long list of diverse artists including Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Chick Corea, Marvin Gaye, Stanley Clark and , on the night I was seeing him, Diana Ross, Gerry’s page in the musical history book is long and important.

On the afternoon we were to meet, Gerry was playing a show with Diana Ross at The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.  We had a plan to meet at the venue and spend an hour or so catching up and shooting some photos.  I arrived a little early and contacted Gerry, who put me in touch with his drum tech Darren.  Darren would get me into the venue so I could start looking over locations for the shots.  I was hoping we could use the drum set and shoot on the stage.  As we walked in, it was apparent that the crew was running a little late getting the stage finished and dealing with some unexpected issues.  No problem, I still had a good amount of time.

As our scheduled time approached, the stage was no less available and I started to think about some options.  There was a pretty cool staircase with some internal lights where I could sit Gerry for shots, and other general theater faire.  No problem, I still had time.

Soon after our appointed time passed, Darren let me know that Gerry had gotten a little caught up and was going to get to me as quickly as possible.  Gerry and I have been conversing on Facebook for a while and I knew that this wasn’t any “rock star stuff”.  He is a courteous person and was just running a little late.  No problem, I still had time.

I knew that the actual soundcheck was set for 4pm and that time was fast nearing.  The stage was still out and if Miss Ross got to the room, there would be no photos.  I decided to head to the lobby and see what else might be available.

In the lobby I found some curtains that had a nice texture and were up-lit for a more dramatic look.  Since it was about 20 minutes before 4:00, I decided that this was my place.  I ran back into the venue and grabbed my things.  Just then, Gerry pops in and apologized for being late.  I told him my plan and went to get the lights set up as he did a quick check of his instruments.

About five minutes later, I was set up and Gerry came out with Darren and a nice cymbal to use as a prop.  I shot my first image at 3:42 and Gerry was on the way back to work at 3:45.  I got a few images to send to the office for the press kit and was tearing down my set up.

Three Minutes, Two Lights, One Legend

Three Minutes, Two Lights, One Legend

Gerry made sure to get me a ticket to the show and I was off to find a bite to eat. Later that evening I was able to watch the legendary singer, Diana Ross, and her amazing band treat the audience to a string of the hits that made her the Diva.

The man and the man behind the man.

The man and the man behind the man.

As a nice bonus, after the show I was able to spend a little more time with Gerry and met his amazing father as we left the venue.

Keep up with Gerry on his Facebook page.
Learn about his Paiste setup here.

Gear Used for this shoot:

Nikon D800, a Nikon 70-200, 2 Nikon SB800s, Pocket Wizard Flex TT and Mini TT, Westcott Apollo Softbox

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The Everymen – NJ Punk {Tim Shahady Photography}

Eight people, lots of personality and a great afternoon at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.  That is what I got when I accepted the job of photographing this amazing group.  Not only are there a lot of people, but even though they have different players playing different instruments at various shows, they still consider themselves one big happy family.


I met them through one of the drummers, yup…there are two, and we picked a date for the shoot.  It didn’t take long to understand that this wasn’t going to be the “serious face” band shoot.  These guys (and girl) wanted to have fun while we shot.

In a recent “Top 10 Albums” listing by The Aquarian Magazine, The Everymen landed at #4, beating out Mumford and Sons and The Gaslight Anthem, among others.  This is a band that will make you want to have a good time, drink a couple of beers and remember why live music is the best.

You can catch up with the band at

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Lauren & Phil are Married {Tim Shahady Photography}

A week ago I had the pleasure of working with Marina from Garden State Photo to shoot Phil and Lauren’s wedding.  This couple was great to work with and it was a beautiful day.

The ceremony was at St. Magdalen de Pazzi Roman Catholic Church in Flemington and the reception was at  the Basking Ridge Country Club.


The light was beautiful and so was the couple.

Lauren in veil

Phil looks




ImageThis grandmother was the cutest out there.  She spent most of the night on the dance floor.


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Drumageddon, Times Square – Charlie Z Takes Over NYC {Tim Shahady Photography}

When Charlie Z does something, he does it big! When he thought about starting a series of “one-take” videos to promote himself as a top notch musician in New York, the idea was to go big or go home. The first of the series was Drumageddon Brooklyn, a 4 story drum solo. Where can you go bigger than that? Times Square!
The Main Kit
Charlie asked that I show up at 5:00am and play the character “photographer”, so I did. I had my camera and some time between my “acting” parts, so I decided to take some photos. The shoot had three great drum sets, with Charlie playing the whole time: on drums, bike racks, street signs, models or whatever stood in his way.
The Small Kit
His diversity ranges from the Jazz side of things to the heaviest of metal and the sets he plays show that off.
Overhead View of the drums
The Rock Kit
Charlie playing
A man of many stripes
Charlie is a chameleon of drums and is prepping to take the world by storm.
The MohawkDrumageddon!
To add some extra fun, there was a cast. As I mentioned, there were a couple of photographers, some tourists, business people and other guests you will see in the video. Here is Charlie and his Angels!
Charlie's Angels
See more of Charlie’s videos at his YouTube Page
Charlie in Times Square
Charlie Z - NYC Session Drummer

Enjoy the video:

Charlie Plays Paiste Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Vic Firth Drumsticks & Evans Drumheads

Find out more about Charlie here!

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Chris Infusino – NYC Drummer {Tim Shahady Photography}

Chris Infusino is a fairly recent transplant to New York and is making big waves with his playing. From Chicago, he spent time in Nashville and Los Angeles before deciding that the Big Apple is where he wants to make his mark.
Chris Head
Within a year he has become the first call drummer for many producers and sub for top players in town. His skill as a player is obvious the first time you hear him, but his talent as a networking musician is a key to his quick rise.
Chris happily playing!
As soon as he got to town, he was booking gigs all over, but his first in NYC was very special; Carnegie Hall. It may have been a sign that this player is one to watch out for.
Big cymbals and big chops
Chris on red.
The man and his tools
Chris plays Paiste Cymbals, Gretsch Drums, Regal Tip Drumsticks and Aquarian Drumheads.

Find out more about Chris at his Facebook Page

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MANA – {Tim Shahady Photography – NJ Photographer)

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to go shoot the Mexican band MANA at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.  The band has a huge following but is less well known out of Spanish speaking circles.  That is a shame!  These guys bring an amazing energy to their live shows that everyone can enjoy.

My main subject was Alex Gonzalez, the charismatic drummer of the band.  Paiste wanted to get some new shots of him and I was happy to oblige.

Even though I didn’t understand a word they said, the energy was infectious and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.  About halfway through the set, the band made their way to a stage in the center of the arena to perform closer to the fans in the back.

If MANA comes to your town, it is worth the money to catch their show.  If you are a drummer you will be blown away by Alex’s high energy performance and interesting approach to arena rock.  The sound was some of the best I’ve heard at any show. Each drum and cymbal (and the rest of the band) could be clearly heard even as Alex played some fast, complicated parts.

For tour dates and more information about MANA go to:

For more of my photos go to

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Matty Amendola – NYC Music Producer {Tim Shahady – NJ Photographer}

Music is made in many different ways.  The best known is when a band makes a CD and heads out on the road to make their way in the world.  Many times, however, a singer/songwriter spends all of their time in a basement, bedroom or coffee shop writing the music in their head and has no band to work the songs out with.   This is where a producer like Matty comes into the picture.

Matty runs 825 Records in Brooklyn where he helps artists find the sound that will help define who they are.   Most of the time he plays all of the instruments and co-writes the music with the artist.  A true jack-of-all-trades, Matty is a strong asset to artists on the rise.

His studio is small, but outfitted with some of the best state of the art hi-tech recording gear.   To keep things in balance, he also has and uses several vintage items.

For more information on Matty and 825 Records,go to

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Aaron & Sandy – Niagara Falls, NY {Tim Shahady NJ Photography}

On a recent business trip to Buffalo, NY I finished my work day early and decided to take my camera to try and catch a few shots of the falls.  The day started overcast and dark and I thought that’d be a perfect day to take some shots.

As I approached the falls the sun came out and it became a very bright, hot, sunny day.  Not so great for the photos I wanted, but still a great day to explore an amazing place.

I was about to finish my visit and head out when I heard a couple trying to explain their situation to someone who didn’t speak English very well.  They were trying to get him to take a photo of a very special moment for them.

Aaron and Sandy had each been married before and came to Niagara Falls to have a personal commitment ceremony.  The plan was to throw their old wedding rings into the falls as a symbol of the end of the old and the beginning of their new life together.  I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

 Aaron and Sandy preparing for the toss.

The old rings, ready to fly.

Letting them fly!!!  (If you look above them you can see the rings)

The first kiss after they threw their old lives away.

The couple on starting their new life together.  I hope the faint rainbow behind them is an omen for a beautiful, colorful life together.

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Heather & Steve are married! {Tim Shahady Photography}

A little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the friends and family that came to celebrate these great people getting married.  A couple of great locations and a fun bridal party made for a wonderful night.

Click on the photos for a higher resolution version!

Happy Couple

Heather and Steve after the first look.

the men...and one lady

The groomsmen...and groomslady

the veil and the wind

a little breeze and a great veil.

Dad makes a speech

Dad makes a speech

the cake,the city,  the reflection

Reflections of Happiness

Thanks to for bringing me along on this great day.

Please head over to My Website to see more of my wedding work and many other things in the galleries.


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Lisa Loconte Head Shots – Images | Tim Shahady Photography

Lisa Loconte Head Shots – Images | Tim Shahady Photography.

Lisa is an aspiring actress and make-up artist.  If you need either, let her know!

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